Tips and Ideas For Rustic Curtains


Looking for rustic curtains to match your rustic lodge lifestyle? Rustic curtains are excellent for cabin houses, log houses, brick and stone houses and all other houses that are rustic or even classical in design and architecture.

Even if the house itself is not rustic inspired but your household is surrounded with antiques, wooden furniture, wooden walls, or hardwood floors, rustic curtainsĀ go well with those furnishings and other contents of your house. Or use rustic curtains for the purpose of adding a sense of something rustic inside the house. Whatever purpose you have in mind for using rustic curtains, they are sure to add a sense of beauty to your house in a classic and laid-back attribute.

So if you’re decided to use rustic curtains for your house, there are two general categories of rustic curtains sold in the market. There are rustic curtains by print and rustic curtains by fabric material. Most rustic curtains you cant find in house furnishing dealers and other related seller are printed curtains. Hence, for curtains to be rustic in design and appeal, they also need to be in the shade of darker colors. Most are in woodsy brown colors and other warm hues. You can select a shade in between brown, dark red and dark orange.

These rustic curtains gained their rustic aspect due to the pattern and style of the print. The other type of rustic curtains are based on the use of rustic fabric for curtains. Some of these rustic curtains are actually inexpensive curtains and one is particular are rustic burlap curtains.

Rustic curtains made of burlap are the most excellent curtains to use for a real rustic design. Burlap rustic curtains are almost indestructible and perhaps the toughest curtain ever made. Burlap was first used in rags and bags before applied into rustic curtains. Burlap curtains give a rustic look due to its natural weaving pattern and the basic raw materials used to create burlap.

Burlap rustic curtains are also eco-friendly since burlap fabrics are generally made from plant and vegetable fibers. Burlap fabric is cheap with prices as cheap as $6 per yard in width of about 58 inches making rustic curtains made of burlap relatively cheap too. Rustic curtains made of burlap doesn’t only have a rustic look but a rustic feel too. Feel the intricate rough and ragged pattern of burlap rustic curtains. Choose rustic curtains made of burlap for the best rustic look and touch of curtain in your house.