Burlap Curtain – Beauty In Classic Elegance



Despite the growing innovations nowadays, it is still good to look back and think about the old adage that says simplicity is beauty. Indeed, the finer things in life tend to get too complicated for people. In such instances, modernizing your home decor would be done my some that are living in the fast lane. But if you like a more laid-back home interior, elegant burlap curtains would indeed be an ideal choice.

The above concept is applicable to almost anything, if not everything, fashion and style included. Indeed, there are still several people whose decorating style preference involves plain materials and basic designs. Let us take the case of burlap curtains, for example. Who would ever think that the usual sackcloth material could likewise be used to embellish the house, not to mention important elements of the home such as doors and windows?

As a brief background, burlap is a product of jute, flax, cotton or hemp fibers. Burlap cloth is popularly made in India,Bangladesh and Pakistan. Burlap cloth is used for many agricultural, industrial, commercial and residential uses as well as for arts and craft purposes. These include the production of sacks, among others, which later on evolved into the manufacture of many other things together with the burlap curtain cloth.

The use of burlap curtains and burlap drapes has become widely accepted for a number of positive reasons. Such advantages are sure to really stick into your mind when you go out shopping for new curtains. If you are really looking out for classic and rustic curtains, burlap curtains are sure to fit the description. Hence, here are some points you can ponder on to make one indeed consider this cheap and unique alternative.

Advantages Of Burlap For Curtains:

  • Burlap material itself is very cheap. Albeit durable, they can be replaced as often as possible without costing too much.
  • Burlap is an organic material, the burlap curtains are eco-friendly and inexpensive curtains. In its pure form, burlap is in fact, biodegradable.
  • Burlap curtain panels can be subject of a do-it-yourself project. There are actually various websites that give a step by step guide on how to make a burlap curtain.
  • Burlap curtains are effective temperature insulators. They can protect the home against extreme heat or cold since you can find thick burlap fabric with tighter weaving that provides excellent insulation.

  • Burlap fabric for curtains are also ideal for better light control. You can choose the gaps of weaving pattern on the burlap material to address desired light control. You can use lightly weaved ones with larger holes to allow more light and tightly weaved burlap for eliminating light.
  • Burlap curtains are made of natural fibers that are strong and do not break easily. Hence, the curtains do not tear easily.
  • Burlap curtains are great home decorations that serve the purpose well whether they are left bare and natural or dyed with various colors. They could also be printed with assorted designs.

After having studied the benefits of using burlap curtains, it would also be fair to talk about the disadvantages, which unfortunately, burlap curtains are not spared from having with them. Firstly, because of the loose weaving of the burlap fabric, it is prone to stretching in due course of time. Moreover, the fabric fades faster when exposed to direct sunlight. It is likewise said to grow weak and brittle under constant humidity. Finally, the burlap fibers shed a lot compared to the other classes. Nevertheless, as a solution to some of these weaknesses, there are now burlap cloth treatments produced in order to help make the fabric last longer.